Ok, so I went insane...

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Ok, so I went insane...

Post by Hael »

And reactivated my EQ1 account.

Anyone still around?

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Re: Ok, so I went insane...

Post by Brildain »

that is too funny,

dont know how many times i have done that one :-)


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Re: Ok, so I went insane...

Post by Shevil »

I did like twice... I'm not playing anything at the moment, but I am craving VG. I think I'll get the all games account, so if I get a wild hair, I could play EQ1... I went in and the place was barren. No one hangs out at the planes bank anymore.

East Commons
planes bank
Guild hall?
Now I guess there are new spots with the expansion(s)...

As always, still missing you guys.
~S. :twisted:

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