I'm on EQ2

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I'm on EQ2

Post by Anonymous »

Hey guys. Just started EQ2 a couple of days ago. I have a lvl 6 Scout named Elguido, 3 Warrior named Anayria, 3 Priest named Toadscummina, and a 3 Mage Kinau. Scout is good aligned, others are evil. So give me a tell in game.

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Post by Skurge »

I'm playing on Innothule as Tulanar. But I'm playing EQ still also, so I don't play EQ2 very much.

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Post by Mildred »

Look me up Millie on good side:)

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Post by evilspawn »

Figures you all went to EQ2 , I bought WoW hehe.

I'm having fun - seems geared to more casual play atm but I think they will be putting in end-game raid stuff eventuallly along with realm PVP.

It's good to hear Zoot is a dwarf again bwhahaha.

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Post by zootner »

We all joined a guild called Sanctuary made up of a bunch of old Terris Thule players. Some of you may remember some of the old timers from DO like Leighanne and Roma in the guild as well. Hey Evilspawn, Zootner is alive and well but the darkside was calling to us so me and Bril created Zootnaxe and Brildain as inkies and just completed the betrayal quest. This game is really fun. It's brought back all the good feeling that I had for EQ in the early days. If you ever give it a try come to the Innothule server and look us up.


Post by Anonymous »

Got you guys on my friend list. I have 2 bad guys and 2 good guys atm. My favorite is Anayria my inkie crusader luggin around her oversized claymore. My main on the good side is Elguido, my Woody Rogue. Look me up if I am on. All characters are on the innothule server.

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