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Guild XP

Post by Brildain »

If you look at the guild screen in game you will see an xp bar. We need to do city tasks to level up the guild. Right now we are a level one guild with one and a half bubs xp. Need to start completeing these city tasks to level up the guild.

I have found four of the guys who give out these quests so far. they are located at

In Elddar Grove, at the base of the big tree, Wander Greencoast

In NQ, at the base of the Citadel steps, Guard Williamson

In NQ, outside the Temple of Life, Caretaker Nogfizzle

In SQ, in the lobby of the mage tower, Pupil Adept Wazzlefop

You have to be level eleven to start these quests.

The down side of guild xp is if no one does these quests the guild starts loosing xp :-(


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Post by zootner »

I have read in other places that it is better to pick 1 faction and level up with them exclusively. Your guild level goes up faster than if you try to level with several different city factions. I was waiting to see what one you guys picked before I started doing quests for them.

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