EQ - What server and what name?

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EQ - What server and what name?

Post by Anonymous »

Just curious who is still on TT. In reading some posts, it looks like some are all over the place.

I moved Dert Knap (54 monk) to TT, but he has an x at the end now. :(
I couldn't handle playing Cronik anymore so I deleted him and created Adamantius (12 chanter). I don't know anyone in the guild anymore and felt out of place, which didn't help either.

See ya!

Rich - Andon - Cronik - Zobek - Dertx Knap - Adamantius

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Post by Skurge »

hey man....

we still have serverwide.darkomen going...

I play Skurge and Curd on a regular basis.


ahhh ha!

Post by Anonymous »

i forgot the name of the channel. I tried darkomen.serverwide.... I was close. :D

See ya round!

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Post by evilspawn »

Im goofing around with a bunch of different chars. Now I'm on a monk (lvl 16) on Stromm. Sucks with no money hehe.

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