Current Features:

  • Automatically created a permanent log of sessions in Everquest.
  • Automatically seperates your characters if you play multiple characters. (from logs before they added name and server #)
  • Can create a backup of your log files for future reference or reloading.
  • Shows fight information, such as kills, damage, hits, odds of critical hits, etc.
  • Shows skill information, including skill increases and specific skill info, like success rate in forage for example.
  • Shows spell info, such as spells cast, resists, fizzles, and your odds of doing so.
  • Shows monster information, such as damage taken and give, mobs killed, mob specific info, and how often you dodge, are missed, etc.
  • Shows Prices for buying and selling items, including the merchant and which zone they are in.
  • Shows faction hits, monsters you killed and what killed you, and money you receiced from sales and looting.