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Postby Zzons » Mon May 12, 2008 10:34 am

How are you all doing? Just thought I'd drop my family a note...

I'm playing WoW now. I have been for over a year. I made an undead rogue on Alextraza, she's lvl 70 now. We also have a Twink Guild... All girl toons, called Spice. I have a 19 Warrior Scareey there. I don't need to argue the good and bad of WoW vs Others... It has it's good and bad moments.

Things are going good on my end, I sure miss you all. If you decide to make a character on Alexstraza let me know. I can help PL you to 19 and guild you in Spice. We just run BattleGrounds with the twinkies. It's a blast when you get a group of twinkies running amok in a BG. Camping a grave yard at 19 is just so satisfying.

Anyways.. Email me jirvine at cox.net or AIM=Zzons.

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